LIve Music : Valerie Jeanne

Steam Plant 159 South Lincoln, Spokane, WA

Valerie Jeanne is a powerhouse vocalist from the Pacific Northwest. She started her singing career at the age of three and has been captivating listeners with her amazing voice ever since. She has opened for major names such as Freddie Fender, Sherrie Austin, Big House, and Doug Supernaw.

Live Music : Ron Greene

Ron Greene is a singer/songwriter who performs groove oriented bluesy pop/rock/soul music. Greene’s distinct aesthetic encompasses radio-ready pop-rock hooks, elements of warmly intimate folk, smoldering funk grooves, and emotive and soulful vocals. He’s garnered favorable comparisons to Lenny Kravitz, Gary Clark, Jr., Bruno Mars and John Mayer.

Live Music : Nick Wiebe

Steam Plant 159 South Lincoln, Spokane, WA

Nick Wiebe aka Wiebe Jammin is passionate about live music. Performing songs that appeal to the wide range of listening tastes, he blends a unique mix of musical flavors with the skillful use of the acoustic guitar & loop pedal for a full-sound live music experience.